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Getting Connected


Students who commute to the University may access the campus network either via the campus’s wireless network or any open network jack. Open network jacks are found in many of the campus’s computer labs and classrooms. Please refer to the Mobile@Maryland for further information on using the campus's wireless network. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the campus policies for network usage and that they will use this resource responsibly. Please go to Guidelines for Acceptable Use.

To use an open network jack, please use the following process to get connected:

  1. Find the MAC (Media Access Control) address of their computer’s network adapter
    • How to find your MAC (media access control) address
      • Windows 2000
        • Go to START MENU-> RUN-> type in "command" and select OK or hit RETURN.
        • Type "ipconfig /all" after the C:/> prompt (be sure to put a space between ipconfig and / and none after the /).
        • Your "Physical Address" is your MAC address.
      • Mac
        • Go to APPLE->Apple System Profiler->Network Overview/AppleTalk.
        • Your "Hardware Address" is your MAC address.
  2. Configure the network adapter to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
  3. Register the network adapter’s MAC address with the Commuter Network Registration System

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